Chief + My Favorite Stylish Dog Must-Haves

photos by    morgan blake

photos by morgan blake

Last October in the height of my “kindergarten blues,” I became obsessed with having a dog and a family pet. Because Phoebe has pet allergies that narrowed down the breeds pretty quick. I made a pinterest board, researched obsessively, and even joined facebook groups dedicated to breeds I was looking at and breeders (LOL!). I stalked puppy dates and websites like it was my job and asked them a million questions. We ended up with our CHIEF. Love him so much! He’s an Fb5 Mini Golden Doodle, which means he is a fifth generation Mini Golden Doodle and separated five times from the Golden Retriever - meaning more poodle and doodle and less chances for allergies. No dog is allergy free BUT there are breeds that shed less and cause less reactions. We didn’t take any chances and had Phoebe sit in a car with Chief for about 30 minutes before taking him home!! Make sure you do your own homework if dealing with allergies.


He has truly been the best addition to our family! When deciding to get a dog and bring him home to our new house (lol!!) I knew I wanted his accessories to blend in seamlessly with our life. Dog gear runs quite the gambit but there are so many great options out there, here are a few of my favorites:

dog faves.jpg

From top to bottom, left to right:

  • Dog Bowls: We got this salmon color for his food, mint green for water. The medium size has been great for us!

  • We are doing mostly grain free and always wheat free! Dogs are canines so we want the bulk of his food to mimic a paleo diet. Love these treats from Bocce’s Bakery, Chief deserves treats too. ;)

  • After several collars and leashes, I ended up splurging on a Wild One Pets Walk Kit. I ordered a large which was too big and they quickly got us a medium. BEST customer service! Sam says it’s pink but it clearly says, “red.” HA!

  • One of my FAVORITE purchases has been this Simple Human Dog Food container that we store his food in. It even has a magnetic scooper inside! We got the medium. We just recently refreshed our pantry (can’t wait to share more!) and this was the perfect addition!

  • Last but not least, I’m obsessed with this furry dog bed. It blends in seamlessly with our more neutral keeping room that it lives in.

See ALL of my faves for Chief here, including the dog food we use, cleaners that are awesome for those puppy months, and more!