Summer Reading List 2019


This summer one of the things we are going to do as a daily rule is to read. I’m so excited for the girls to finally use their window seats (childhood dreams right there!) to rest and soak up a good book. Matilda is doing a reading bowl in the fall and needs to read 10 books so we are going to join her! As you do when you’re looking for just about anything in the world, I polled my facebook friends and asked them what books they were loving. Here were some of the top picks and then some that I chose just by looking through Reese’s book club (I love following along on instagram too!). Here’s what I’m starting with:

  1. Where the Crawdads Sing - the most recommended and it was also at the top of my list!

  2. Becoming - I’ve heard amazing things about Michelle Obama’s memoir and I’m excited to dive in. :)

  3. What Alice Forgot - a friend described it as part self help part mystery. I’m intrigued!

I also created a list here of all of the recommendations and summer reading ideas! Let me know what I left off!

click    here    to see the full list

click here to see the full list