Five Minute Salads for Busy Moms


We recently signed up for Sunbasket and I became completely obsessed with their five minute salads and it got my wheels turning about the seemingly endless options when it comes to toppings and a quick and healthy lunch.

Pick your base: we love Organic girl Super greens! Then grab your salad toppings to throw together the most delicious salads in five minutes or less:

  • If you want more of an Asian feel: The Rainbow Asian salad I love comes with cashews, shredded red cabbage (if you are making on your own, pre shred the cabbage when you get your groceries so it’s ready to go), shredded carrots (food processor or look for these pre shredded), sesame seeds, peanut sauce, green onions. It’s SO GOOD!

  • Protein + Crunch: pick your veggies - raw cauliflower rice, diced peppers, diced onions, cucumbers. Add some nuts: walnuts, almonds or cashews. Add some crunch: quinoa crisps or chopped up bacon. More protein: pre grilled chicken or tuna. You could also add raw cheese or dried fruit. YUM!

  • Warm salads: I love taking greens and then adding caramelized onions, grilled chicken, cherry tomatoes, blue cheese, and almonds! My friend Ruth Ann has been baking sweet potato noodles with salt and pepper and adding that to the mix. Sounds so good! I also LOVE a fried egg and some sausage (think Aidells Chicken + Apple Sausage) over a salad.


This is basically a way to ensure I eat with very little clean up and lots of good flavors! XO

If you’re interested in trying Sunbasket for yourself, here’s a $40 off code for your first order! xo