Master Bath Organization

see our master bathroom tour    here

see our master bathroom tour here

I once heard someone say the secret to a happy marriage was his and hers bathrooms ha!! While we definitely do not have that luxury, a little organization goes a LONG way in keeping clutter down and toothpaste in check. While this won’t solve the beard trimmings in the sink problem, it will for sure make the mornings a little smoother.

When we moved in, I literally dumped all of our bathroom things from our old house in our new bathroom, then the clutter started piling up and I just literally threw things on top of each other in the drawers. It was a hot mess. My friend Morgan is a genius with making drawers function and spaces function in general. While I’m decent at keeping the organization going, I get super overwhelmed by the process of getting organized. I’m so grateful to have her in my life!!

The way we make things work is I typically shoot some photos and measurements to Morgan. She asked for drawer measurements, cabinet measurements, as well as just an overview of the space. She then works her magic and sends me a note with links of what to order. We almost always have too much which is awesome and then you just return or repurpose (I hate doing returns lol!) the leftovers.

foaming hand soap dispenser    with Thieves hand soap (my fave!)

foaming hand soap dispenser with Thieves hand soap (my fave!)

just a few pretty sprays and    rollers    on the counter

just a few pretty sprays and rollers on the counter

Here’s what she recommended:

Making it Work!!!

  1. Clean out every single drawer and cabinet.

  2. Vacuum said drawers and cabinets.

  3. Categorize items.

  4. Purge expired, unused, unloved items!

  5. Start reclaiming the space with like with like.

  6. Create a “backstock” to shop from. I’m totally guilty of having everything out all the time. Morgan says to use one at a time until it’s gone completely and then “shop” from your stash!

    In this book (one of my faves!!) they categorize bathrooms as “easy” and honestly once we got started it only took about an hour and a half.


Top drawer went from random central to all of my everyday essentials (minus makeup) plus dental care for both of us! We used this customizable system and it fit perfectly, allowing for a few extras in the drawer.

  • Everyday oils for face and wellness and emotional support

  • Face wash + moisturizer

  • Chapstick

  • Toothbrushes (found these here) and toothpaste

  • Deodorant

  • Flossers

  • Hair ties + bobby pins

  • Wrinkle creams :)


The makeup drawer!! Before I had all of my makeup dumped into bags and I could never find anything. Now it’s so organized and it makes me actually excited to get ready in the morning!! I use almost all Savvy Minerals because it’s non-toxic and works so well for me. I absolutely love it! You can order through a Young Living Wholesale Account.

This is a stacking system with a small tray for cotton balls and q-tips on top of two long makeup dividers. I simply lift the top ones off to access the lip colors. You can see lots of behind-the-scenes on Instagram of how this works! I keep my truffle bag with my everyday makeup on top so I can throw it in my gym bag in the mornings or in the car if I’m running late. Ha!


Doesn’t this make you want to get girlied up? I didn’t even know I had half of these colors until we went through everything. Crazy.


Sam is blessed to have a much more low maintenance morning routine! All of his everyday items are in that black bag and then the second small divider tray was used here for razors, combs, beard trimming supplies as well as contact supplies.


During the purging process I found so many unopened tooth pastes and tooth brushes. LOL, Morgan set up a “shop” with one of these lidded stacking containers (obsessed!!!), extra cotton items above and a pitcher to fill up our diffusers every night, and our first aid kit.

On the right, our diffuser oils, beard trimmer, epson salts, Thieves foaming hand soap refill.


Under my sink - backstock of all hair care, soaps, and lotions, a hair basket with all of my hair tools (straightener, curling iron, brush, sprays, hair accessories! I also have my feminine care items and razors under here as well as nail polishes and nail care items. It makes me SO happy to know exactly what is under our sinks!

Have questions? Ask in the comments and I’d be happy to answer! XO

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