Choosing an Espresso Maker


We went to Spain this past April and absolutely fell in love with Spain but also afternoon cappuccinos and basically ended up having them as often as possible. We got so spoiled that we wanted to bring that experience home. I did the usual and polled my instagram and facebook friends. I got lotsss of feedback and I’ll share with you the highest recommended machines and ultimately the one we chose.


The top recommendations we got were Nespresso and Breville. Nespresso is definitely the easy button (think Keurig) and uses pods vs freshly ground beans. While there is nothing wrong with this, I really didn’t want to deal with the pods (although they do have recycling centers for them!). The best recommendation we got was to go to Williams Sonoma and try them for ourselves. After speaking with the coffee experts there, we ultimately decided on this one. If you want to save yourself the trip, we highly recommend it. We have had ours for several months and use it every single day.

Why we chose ours:

  • One and Two shot drinks

  • Instant hot water for making americanos

  • Nearly instant steam for milk frothing

  • Great price for what you get

  • Highly recommended by experts

  • No pods

  • Uses fresh ground beans that we can grab anywhere!

Ease of use: After making a couple of drinks and getting the hang of the milk frother, I think it is super simple. Drinks ready in mere minutes. I also love the craft of making drinks on the bar. It’s really fun and amazing for entertaining.


Do you use an espresso maker? Which one do you have and love?