Dream Catcher Brunch for Matilda's 11th Birthday!


We had Matilda’s 11th (!!) birthday party over the weekend. It was a really small and sweet group of oldest friends and neighbors. We decided to have it be a craft party with pjs, brunch, and dream catchers! The girls each got to make one and take it home. It was honestly the least stressful and most fun birthday party we’ve done. I just loved watching the creativity and the activities flowed from brunch to crafting to cake and presents and then pick up. Totally seamless! I was so impressed that the girls even wanted to help clean up. Friends, we’ve taken a parenting turn and I’m not complaining.


Matilda and I had a date to see Overcomer (cue the tears! definitely not an Oscar winner but we both thought it was so touching and really gave us a lot to talk about!) and then we went to Joann’s after to get everything and then to Chipotle for dinner. I am LOVING this season!



Dream Catcher Tutorial:

Take above supplies and organize ahead of the party. We placed the yarn, feathers, ribbon, and flowers in the center of the table with a gold ring, doily, and 10 pre-cut yarn strips at each chair.

Step one (optional) - Attach the doily to the ring: If using a doily have everyone attach each point of the doily with matching yarn to the gold ring. Secure tightly and work your way around for each point. Strips should be about 4” long. Most of the girls were able to do this on their own but it was a crowd of 9+ except for Phoebe who is almost 7. Once all points are attached, make sure to cut the excess yarn. If they opt out of the doily, you can use yarn in the middle to create shapes (like the star below) or to make it completely abstract.

Step two (optional) - Wrap the ring: choose your yarn to wrap around your dream catcher. Some of the girls wanted the gold to show through so they went light on the wrapping, some of them just liked the gold ring - fun to give everyone freedom here! If you want to wrap the ring completely, start with arm’s length strings of yarn. Not the yarn on and wrap until you knot off. Start the next string and cover up the knot as you wrap and then to the next and so on. At the end, don’t forget to leave string to make a hanging knot. If they forget, no worries, you can tie it on after!

Step three - Create your tails: This is the really fun part! They can use yarn, ribbon, lace, etc. to create “tails” to their dream catcher. They can also tie feathers on or put beads on the string. I loved seeing all of the different ideas. We added in strips of ripped fabric that added a cute “boho” feel.

Step four - Add on flowers: Have an adult man the glue gun and attach the flowers. This was great because everyone finished at different times and it kept everyone moving to the next station.

That’s it! Have fun!


Most of the girls wore pajamas (optional!) and it kept things really fun and casual.


The brunch spread!!!


The Brunch Menu

  • Gluten-free donuts in vanilla and chocolate

  • Grain-free Suzy’s Blueberry muffins

  • Croissants

  • OJ (plus Prosecco for the adults!)

  • Bacon

  • Sausage

  • Mini Blueberry muffins

  • Fresh fruit


So grateful to have my sister and Mama and niece at the brunch! So much girly goodness. XOXO I cannot believe that my big girl is going to be 11 this week. So grateful beyond words to have had her in our lives for over a decade. Love her so so much. More than words!