Backyard Progress


rain chain found here

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We had our fence put in last weekend! (ignore the mud spray and barrel of vines! haha). It was inspired from a catalog photo - super simple 2 x 4 posts with hogwire. We will paint the fence white. It has two cross bar gates and it looks very airy and simple which is what I wanted. Our neighbors have beautiful gardens and I didn’t want to block them out, it feels so serene however the backyard currently has some drainage issues (we’ve had SO much rain!!) and it’s super muddy (hello mud meet Chief meet our bed - ugh!!). Because of the size and scale of our back yard we want to turn it into a court yard garden with beautiful lush garden beds, pea gravel paths with stone borders, and lots of romantic ambience. :) Here are some of my favorite inspiration pins!

We are working with a female garden design duo called Gardens and Girls. Super excited about the design they come up with that will incorporate a fire pit, water feature, and still have room to entertain and unwind.