Morning Quiet Time


I’ve been sharing some of my quiet time/devotional time readings in my instagram stories and I’ve fallen behind on my DMs (ya know, summer and all - kids errywhere!). I have a “faith” highlight if you want to scroll through them! Anyways here’s what I’ve been reading and I mix it up every day and I’m certainly not a scholar by any means but this is what I’m doing.

  • I really love Streams in the Desert and I’ve been reading it for several years. I love old fashioned devotionals. My friend Stephanie gifted me with New Morning Mercies that I also love!

  • I usually do the recommended reading from either devotional (I have the She Reads Truth Bible and really love the pretty fabric and illustrations and extra notes in it - I have gotten several questions about photos and it’s usually this Bible).

  • Lastly, my best friend Jessie recommended a commentary series from David Wiersbe, so I’ll look up the commentary from the recommended reading or I’ll just pick a book in the Bible and read the whole commentary alongside it. I absolutely LOVE this series and it’s like reading about the Bible from a friend - for me it puts it into every day language that I can understand and just makes the Bible come alive.

I feel like this makes such a massive difference in my day. It fuels me with perspective, enriches my faith, sets the tone for my day (regardless of what crazy comes next!) and just feels like breathing to me because I just need to be in God’s word and presence as much as possible.

I hope that this helps and that you will love these books as much as I do. If you have a study that you love or any advice, I’d love to hear it in the comments. XO