Fall Diffuser Blends You'll Love


I have always been the BIGGEST fan of fall and fall smells… ahh just giddy thinking about it!! My favorite candles came out at fall and I would always stock up until I realized they were full of junk I didn’t want my family breathing in. We have two asthma sufferers in our house and candles are enemy #1. After switching to more non-toxic living, I was SO excited to learn that we could create those same amazing smells using essential oils!!! Sharing some of the blends that you can put together with the oils that come in your starter kit. Don’t have your kit yet? I would love to help you get started right HERE! We have the sweetest community and so many fun things happening in fall: recipes, DIYs, diffuser combos galore! 

Spice is Nice 
+ 3 drops Thieves
+ 2 drops Lemon
+ 1 drop Stress Away

+ 2 drops Panaway
+ 3 drops Stress Away
+ 1 drop Copaiba

Fall Breeze 
+ 3 drops Thieves
+ 2 drops Lavender

Sweater Weather 
+ 3 drops Thieves
+ 2 drops Citrus Fresh

Apple Cider Donuts 
+ 3 drops Stress Away
+ 2 drops Thieves