Fall Bucket List


I feel like the last decade just sort of happened to me. Ever feel like that? I showed up, I tried to do fun things, I checked boxes off at holidays but as far as being as intentional as I wanted to be, I’m not sure I had the capacity!! Normal when raising babies! So, as the girls are getting a little bit older, my heart aches on missing out of anything with them. SO, even though it’s only August, I’m putting together a little fall bucket list for fun things to do together during my favorite season of the year as well as some fun things for Sam and me to do together!

  • Fall break trip - We didn’t do a summer trip but were planning on going somewhere for fall break which is in September. I have the sweetest lady, Victoria, who is helping me plan something for fall break. I get very overwhelmed with planning, it’s not something I’m naturally great at so I’m so grateful for her tips and wisdom!!

  • Apple Festival - I have always wanted to go apple picking with the girls!!! Putting together a fun weekend of just good old fashioned fun and I can’t wait. Gimme allll the apple fritters.

  • Drink a latte outside on a cool morning.

  • Sit by the fire on our back porch and just talk!

  • A dinner party with friends in our back yard. We have not entertained much AT ALL and I would love to have a dreamy, candle lit dinner with friends al fresco.

  • Carve a pumpkin! We had the most fun carving party at our neighbor’s house last year complete with butter beer!

  • Go camping! We spent as much on camping as we would have on a weekend trip so we need to definitely use the gear again. Am I ready for this? YES! Here is our packing list.

  • Day trip to Clayton to have lunch and visit Wander North Ga!

  • A sunday drive to see the leaves changing.

  • Several different day hikes!

  • See Sam’s work in Zombie Land 2. Can’t wait!!

  • Rewatch Stranger Things.

  • Make crockpot potpourri. Nothing smells better!

  • Make wassail. Love packing thermoses of this and sitting outside. Yum!