Camping Packing List

Pack list from    Magnolia Journal,    Hat from    Wander North Georgia   ,    Water bottle    from REI

Pack list from Magnolia Journal, Hat from Wander North Georgia, Water bottle from REI


I wanted to put together a packing list for our first camping trip and have it here as a resource for you guys! I asked on Instagram for your best camping tips and you guys flooded me with the most genius ideas and hilarious responses (“get a hotel!” hahaha). We are bringing our happy faces and adventurous spirits and coming prepared!!

Ultimate Camping Packing List for a Family of Four:

  • 6 person tent (for a family of 4 - we were told to take the recommended person amount and to divide it in half for accuracy - so you may want to go up in size if you want space)

  • 4 sleeping bags - I got this one because it’s great for rolling on your side. Sam and the girls got REI Co-op bags!

  • 4 self inflating sleeping pads - the self inflating feature is key! We were also told that pool floats work great for kids to sleep on!

  • Solar lanterns - these collapsible ones are so cool and don’t take up space when packing

  • 4 Head Lamps

  • Clip on fans for tents - Georgia gets HOT so these were highly recommended

  • Pillows from home

  • Triple the snacks you think you need (heard this from multiple people!)

  • Pre-cooked meals or Dutch oven meals with liners for easy clean up! 25 Dutch oven recipes for camping here!

  • Bug Repellent - we use Young Living’s Insect Repellent wipes + Insect Repellent - NO DEET!

  • Cooler

  • Ice and Ice packs

  • Essential Oils - Citronella, Lavender (for all things skin), Owie (for any bumps in the road), Purification for bug bites, Peppermint for cooling down (feels amazinggg on the back of your neck!), Thieves for wellness support, Digize for all things tummy, Tummygize for the girl’s tummies

  • Band-aids

  • Scissors

  • Duct tape

  • Pen and paper

  • After sun spray from Young Living

  • Four hammocks for lounging! These were recommended.

  • Hats for ticks

  • Sunscreen - we use Young Living’s mineral sunscreen

  • Shoes that are water-safe. We are going camping on the river and the girls will bring these.

  • Sparklers and glow sticks

  • S’mores fixings!

  • A dog run for Chief

  • Dog bowl + food for chief + clean up bags

  • Lots of wipes! We use the Seedlings Wipes from Young Living and they smell amazing and work great for heavy duty clean up!

  • Small broom for cleaning out the tent

  • Cast iron pan or dutch oven

  • Towels

  • Plenty of changes of clothes

  • Bikes + helmets

  • Bathing Suits

  • Coffee + Coffee maker + coffee mugs (we have these)

  • Adult beverages :)

  • Lots of water + water bottles

  • Camping chairs for sitting around the fire! How cute are these for the girls? We heard these were awesome for the adults!

  • Toilet paper

  • Matches + lighter

  • Large trash bags that can double as make shift ponchos!