An Organized Pantry


A couple of weeks ago my friend Morgan (who also took these gorgeous photos!!) came over to help me organize my pantry before school got out. It was a hot.mess. She whipped it into shape with a day of prep, a day of ordering and a full on day of overhaul that she helped me with. I’m so grateful for this angel friend who actually likes organizing! I love an organized space but get too overwhelmed to tackle it. Anyone else?!

all photos taken by    Morgan Blake

all photos taken by Morgan Blake


The first thing we did was take and inventory of every area in the kitchen. This book has some GREAT tips on how to do this! Then Morgan made a list of what she thought would make the most sense and then I started purging. She grabbed things from Target, The Container Store, and Amazon, I placed the order and then we got to work. First things first we took EVERYTHING and I mean everything out of drawers, the pantry, and the island. We cleaned and purged some more and THEN got to organizing.


Our pantry is broken up into two walls, one large wall with two sets of shelves and a wall with a single set of shelves. We took out the dinner plates + most of the appliances to make room for more everyday consumption items. She ordered these bamboo drawer dividers which were perfect for getting our dinnerware and tupperware (she had me order her favorite glass storage containers so they all matched! :)) organized.

Pictured here:


We have most of our pantry items on the right, snacks shown at the bottom with our drinking glasses in the middle. We don’t have upper cabinets so we like having them here near the fridge.

I love the long skinny container on the right for holding bars and snacks. TIP! Take all of the items out of their boxes for cleaner storage and less frustration.


We keep our linens, Chief’s dog food and snacks, supplements and party supplies in here too! That’s a chore list that we have for the girls that we love.


Top shelf: our party supplies make for a happy scene every time we open the pantry. Second shelf: drinks! Protein shakes, BCAAs, meal replacements. Third shelf: our wellness arsenal!!! We have an organized divided tray for first aid, probiotics, etc. plus our supplements on a lazy susan which I LOVE! A long tray holds all of our teas. :) Bottom shelf: dutch ovens, ready to go!

Pictured here:


Water bottles and school lunch gear sit at the bottom right in the main area!!

Master Shopping List (tip from Morgan: buy more than you need and return the rest!)