My prayer is that these resources can serve as an encouragement to mamas out there doing their best for their families within the home, outside of the home or a mixture of both. Since becoming a mom I've always worked but I've worked in different capacities, giving me a good idea and perspective of how hard it can be to juggle it all no matter what kind of working mom you are! When Matilda was born in I went back to work when she was just 9 weeks old, I worked full-time at a retail job working odd hours while nursing... it was in a word HARD, I then transitioned to part-time outside the home and when Phoebe was born we stepped out in faith to have me home full time. I worked very hard, balancing several part-time jobs until I began working for myself in the fall of 2014. Here are some of my favorite ways to juggle it all. I don't believe in balance but rather in seasons. I can do now things that I couldn't do when the girls were babies and I know this season will come and go as well (cue the tears!). Grab your favorite drink and let's work through this together. Cheers, mamas!



This is one of my favorite topics and I don't think that really anything else matters until we can get a handle on our time. It's the only resource that is truly limited and the one that makes a level playing field for all of us. Again, when we think in terms of seasons, we think in terms of capacity. What kind of capacity do you have in your current season? 

+ Passion Planner (I love the Eco Planner + Rose Gold Cover!) 
+ Highlighters
+ Erasable Pens or your favorite pen
+ Prayer Journal
+ Shared Google Family Calendar

I am a morning person. Early to bed, early to rise (see which category you fall into here, I'm a lion). Whatever kind of person you are, work in your peek hours and with the natural rhythm of your body. No sense in trying to be something different. Bloom where you thrive.

On Sundays I take time off from work and social media but I do take a few moments to organize my planner for the week. I've tried a lot of planners and the Passion Planner is what works for me. It combines goal setting with a planner and I love that it has an hourly, weekly, and monthly view as well as a personal + business to-do list each week. I really need to see my week open all the time to keep from forgetting things like snack for Phoebe or a school volunteer day for Matilda. I love using the highlighters to color code my week (green for work, yellow for to-dos, orangey-pink for the girls, pink for Sam, purple for friends, blue for self care/spiritual/workouts). I love a color visual to see where my time is going.

We use the google shared calendar for Sam and I to get on the same page with appointments, weekend fun, etc. I also love using it to send me text reminders about carpooling, ballet, etc. So great but didn't work for me as a main planning tool. I need to write things down and have them in front of me. We also have an Amazon Echo that I love using to add appointments to the calendar and you can say, "Alexa, what's on my calendar for today?" and she'll rattle it off for you. LOVE. It's like having a personal assistant at all times.



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